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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Friday, 26 January 2018 16:32

In Case of Nuclear Attack, This City Says it’s Ready. Here’s Why

(TNS) - On a rooftop 18 stories above a busy Kansas City, Mo., street, it’s 16 degrees, the wind’s blowing and here comes a bunch of bundled-up guys who, fittingly, want to see what some might call a monument to madness.

And there it sits atop this old building on Independence Avenue: a Chrysler Victory Air-Raid Siren. Twelve feet long and 3 tons. If Soviet missiles had ever come over the pole headed our way, somebody would have fired up the siren’s V8 hemi engine and blasted 138 decibels over 25 miles.

“They must have found a deaf guy to operate it,” Stephen Bean, a coordinator with Kansas City’s emergency management office, yells to the others as they looked at the siren that had a hand-operated lever.

The siren was so loud, legend has it, it would set grass on fire.