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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Monday, 21 August 2017 20:49

In the Face of Ransomware, Is Your Cloud Data Safe?

I’ve spent much of my career focused on enterprise backup, recovery and disaster recovery. Two big shifts in the market have taken many vendors and IT professionals by surprise: First, new application platforms are not just cloud-first, but often touch multiple clouds. Second, ransomware attacks against these same platforms are emerging as a very significant threat.

Prevention is a critical part of an overall protection strategy to combat ransomware. But given the rapidly evolving threat, it’s likely that even organizations with strong security technology and policies will be affected.

While CIOs and IT administrators evaluate the strategies and dangers posed by these attacks, there are additional steps to help ensure protection through data backup. Backup strategies won’t necessarily prevent an attack from occurring, but can serve as a crucial last line of defense enabling organizations to destroy all affected data and then restore it from a backup taken before the data was infected.