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Monday, 18 November 2013 14:51

Interim results of the 'Business continuity in 2014' survey

Continuity Central has launched its annual business continuity trends survey which looks at the changes the profession can expect to see in the year ahead. One week into the survey the results are looking interesting.So far, responses show that most respondents expect to see some changes in the way their organization manages business continuity during 2014. Just over half (51 percent) expect to see small changes and almost a quarter (23 percent) expect to see large changes.Trends that are emerging in terms of the changes that business continuity professionals expect to see include:10 percent are anticipating changes in incident / crisis management processes; 8 percent expect to see greater integration with the wider business; 5 percent expect ISO 22301 implementation projects to drive change in 2014.Business continuity budgetsThe majority (53 percent) of respondents state that their 2014 spending will be the same as 2013. However more than a third say that their business continuity budgets will be increased: 22 percent state that spending will be higher in 2014 compared to 2013; and 15 percent state that it will be much higher.RecruitmentThree quarters (77 percent) of respondents believe that their organization’s business continuity team will remain the same size in 2014. However a fifth (21 percent) expect the team to grow with new additions being made. Only 2.5 percent of respondents expect their business continuity team to shrink.Please take part in the survey: go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/businesscontinuityin2014To read the results of last year’s survey click here.