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Volume 31, Issue 4

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Friday, 01 December 2017 16:32


Is Winter That Dangerous?

Sure, spring, summer and even early fall months generally bring us more severe weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and strong thunderstorms, but the winter months can wreak their own havoc. We pulled the following common winter dangers straight from NOAA:

  • Wind – Some winter storms have extremely strong winds that can create blizzard conditions with blinding, wind-driven snow, drifting, and dangerous wind chills. These intense winds can bring down trees and poles, and can also cause damage to homes and other buildings.
  • Snow – Heavy snow accumulations can immobilize a region and paralyze a city, strand motorists, stop the flow of supplies, and disrupt emergency services. Buildings may collapse, and trees and power lines can be destroyed by heavy snow.
  • Ice – Heavy ice accumulations can bring down objects like trees, utility poles and lines, and communication towers. Power can be disrupted or lost for days while utility companies repair the damage.

Winter weather can disrupt life, including business operations, for days, even weeks. Is your company ready? Do you have the systems in place to keep your employees informed during a winter event? If email is your go-to, how do you plan on using it effectively to reach every employee without power? Can you be certain every employee will get the messages?