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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:00

Massive Sinkhole…coming to your business soon?

DRJ-LogoInfrastructure throughout the United States is in real trouble.  It is a regular occurrence to read about road collapses, bridge failures and sinkholes openings.  This massive sinkhole outside of Detroit is quite a hole indeed.

Last week residents were awakened about 6 a.m. by the sounds of crackling and cracking that kept getting louder and louder. People woke up and literally saw the ceiling splitting. Think about that for a moment.

The noise turned out to be the beginnings of a massive sinkhole opening up. It is 60 feet deep and has since spread to nearly the length of a football field prompting the evacuation of residents from 22 homes.

This could have just as easily been your business.