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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Friday, 16 August 2013 16:22

Networking Beyond TCP

Difficult to imagine? From our grandparents days Networking across systems is working reliably over TCP and that is what we have seen all throughout. The systems at either end of the network did not have to bother how the TCP connection was being established so the core definition of TCP was “a single connection between two hosts”. While researchers designed TCP/IP protocol suite, they did an awesome job on looking through the requirements which may come up in next couple decades. Given their vision till today we are able to communicate well over TCP.

But what did change in between? The network of devices or the Internet grew at an unexpected rate and broke all the predictions. The internet backbone traffic in 1990 was close to 1 Terabyte which grew to nearly 35000 Terabyte by year 2000. What an exceptional growth and large businesses started transforming themselves on Internet. Was the TCP designed to take up this much load without getting slower and getting to a point where it starts breaking? While all this growth was happening, in the background researchers continued to work on simplifying the congestion control issues with TCP and many new RFCs came up and got adopted as well. Today we all are able to work efficiently using these complex congestion control and avoidance algorithms.