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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Thursday, 21 December 2017 16:04

New Technology Requires New Hires

Organizations Must Invest in Professionals Needed to Ensure Successful Digital Transformation

As technology becomes an increasingly essential driver of business success for enterprises around the world, determining how to effectively and securely pursue digital transformation is of critical importance. Organizations must strike the appropriate balance of proactively seeking to deploy new and emerging technologies while still taking care to address the new risks and threats that these technologies may introduce.

Organizations across the world are understandably eager to capitalize on new technologies capable of enabling the digital transformation needed to thrive in today’s global economy. While embracing innovation and investing accordingly is an admirable approach, enterprise leaders must adopt a holistic mindset before calculating the best way for their organizations to transform.

As a starting point, organizations pursuing digital transformation should evaluate their business data and their customer data, and make sure they have the right talent in their organizations to securely leverage the resulting opportunities. That includes highly skilled and well-trained governance, risk management, audit and cybersecurity professionals. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can scale up their basic security services by going to managed security services, while large enterprises can continue to build talent and enhance their technology governance.