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Thursday, 23 May 2013 14:43

Plan for a disaster - but don't pay until it happens

The growing threat of cyber attacks has moved disaster recovery planning up the agenda for many law firms determined to protect their client’s data. But why pay every year for something you are never likely to use?

Secure data
Every business should have an IT disaster recovery plan, with step-by-step procedures for recovering disrupted systems. The plan identifies critical IT systems and networks, assess the required recovery time, whilst establishing the steps to restarting, reconfiguring and recovering them.
Certain businesses are required by law or regulation to have such plans in place, with some required to keep all data secure and retrievable regardless of what happens to the business.
Instead of outsourcing the entire responsibility for disaster recovery to external service providers, it’s possible for smaller firms to plan for the worst, protect their business and only pay if disaster strikes.