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Thursday, 25 July 2013 15:41

Plan Vs. Technology

Technology is not a Plan. Technology enables a Plan. A Plan coordinates the people and processes that are then enabled by the technology. A replication package only “copies” (I realize it does more than copy, but for simplification purposes that’s what we will call it) bits from one location to another one. How do you decide what to replicate? How do you decide whether there is corruption? How do you handle a hardware failure on one or both of the arrays which are involved in the replication during a disaster? Who declares disaster? Who makes the decision to purchase an array, if necessary? How do you communicate between team members if cell phones and land lines are down? Where do you go to connect if the normal location is inaccessible (blocked off by police, etc.)?

These are the things that a Plan addresses. Apologies for stating the obvious for some. As you can tell, one of my pet peeves is the belief by IT that technology IS the Plan. The same is true for the business assuming that because they think it is “backed up” it is instantly available and synchronized.