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Volume 30, Issue 4

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 18:31

Ransomware Possesses Three Techniques to Turn “Good” Backups Bad

The prevailing wisdom is that if you back up your data you can recover from a ransomware attack. While this premise generally holds true, simply backing up your data no longer provides an absolute guarantee that you can recover from a ransomware attack. Here are three techniques that ransomware may use to circumvent existing backups and make your “good” backups bad.

Ransomware hackers attack corporate data by infiltrating and/or bypassing corporate firewalls with viruses that encrypt corporate data. Once encrypted, they then charge a fee for the key or keys to decrypt it. Fail to pay and corporate data may become unrecoverable.

To recover from ransomware attacks, organizations have one of two choices. Pay the fee (or ransom) or take steps to recover from an existing backup. In circumstances where an organization does not have a reliable backup and needs to recover, it has little choice but to pay the ransom and hope that the key supplied by the attacker enables them to recover. The best case scenario is that the organization has a good backup and can recover without having to pay any ransom.