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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 15:16

Robots and Business Continuity – We’re Well Past the Turing Test

Meet Sophia, who has Saudi-Arabian nationality. There’s nothing unusual about that, except that Sophia is a robot.

She was granted her nationality very recently, the first robot to ever receive such a distinction.

Whether other countries will follow suit or whether other robots will obtain Saudi-Arabian nationality remains to be seen, but the writing is on the wall.

Robots and other forms of artificial intelligence are poised for not just insertion into, but integration with society and business. Given the propensity of machines to continue to work indefinitely without tea-breaks or any other interruptions, the face of business continuity could be changed forever too.

So far, business continuity has been largely about humans monitoring and mending machines. It has also been about humans interacting with humans, as soon as the interaction became more complex than what a cash dispenser or ecommerce website could handle.