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Monday, 19 August 2013 17:24

Security Think Tank: Your sensitive information is at risk

Following on from my previous article about Prism, we have since heard further revelations of the US National Security Agency's (NSA) interception and surveillance of data. 

Prism is evidently the tip of a data privacy iceberg. International “cyber espionage” makes great press, but let’s get this straight from the outset: your data is at risk whether you are small, medium, large, a corporation, charity or nation. Moreover, your sensitive information is at risk.

So why look at intellectual property (IP)?

IP is your most sensitive data; that which you need to control completely. If compromised, it could affect the stability or the existence of a company or product, and as such represents the greatest prize to an attacker. National security has its equivalents – passport data, criminal databases, spy identities – information an aggressive foreign state could use against the home nation to cause disruption and discord.