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Thursday, 08 February 2018 18:36

Software Defined Storage: Pros and Cons

There are, to be sure, both pros and cons to software defined storage. Among the benefits of SDS, it can bring flexibility, openness, and also lower costs. However, software defined storage's distributed nature can be challenging for new operators and complexity can creep in.

Pros and Cons of SDS: the Pros

There is no doubt that software defined storage (SDS) has gained serious traction in recent years. Since its introduction less than a decade ago it has steadily overcome technical hurdles and grown in market share. Its attractiveness, after all, stems from the promise it holds.

“One of the big benefits of software defined storage is the flexibility it offers, including the ability to configure and deploy storage systems your way such as the type of hardware, or on virtual, container or cloud platforms,” said Greg Schulz,” Greg Schulz, Senior Advisory Analyst Server StorageIO, and author of "Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials."