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Friday, 01 December 2017 16:22

Stop the Bleed Campaign Teaches Bystanders to Aid Trauma Victims

(TNS) - The national Stop the Bleed campaign aims to save lives by teaching as many people as possible what to do when confronted with life-threatening bleeding in the few minutes after 911 is called and before professional help arrives.

"A person can bleed out in three minutes," said Dr. Andrew Gaugler, trauma surgeon at Lakeland Regional Health. "It takes on average five to eight minutes for an ambulance to arrive in a big city, and that is not (the response time) in a large county like Polk."

Lakeland Regional Health has been sponsoring Stop the Bleed classes for the past several weeks, mostly for those who work at the hospital or for emergency medical services workers, said Diana DeGroot, trauma-program manager. But the health system will start offering the classes to the general public in January, she said.