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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 15:50

The Hybrid Cloud Will Transform Disaster Recovery

Enterprises spend billions every year maintaining (and powering) duplicate racks and even entire data centers, solely for occasional potential use (in the event of an unforeseen outage or disaster). Required by law in many cases, it is probably one of the largest IT investments with among the lowest returns on investment. The money invested in disaster recovery isn’t wasted; it simply represents money well spent ensuring that applications will be highly available to users.

In the financial community (and others responsible for handling massive amounts of transactions and critical supply chain data), the cost of downtime has been well documented and more than justifies the DR investment. Outages are often more costly in terms of lost revenue, brand erosion and employee productivity. So DR is like a kind of insurance policy, except instead of a policy-holder getting compensated for a loss the policy-holder instead maintains two (or more) of everything. That is perhaps not the most efficient use of high cost IT assets as well as the energy used to power them.