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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Thursday, 08 March 2018 15:27

The Neglected Side of Business Continuity: Problems Not Related to IT

Have you ever noticed how people, when asked to draw a map of the United States, will draw a shape with sections sticking out on the right-hand corners for Florida and New England, a curve on the left for the West Coast, and a wedge on the bottom for Texas? If they are ambitious, they might even draw some indentations at the top for the Great Lakes. However, there are two parts that almost always get left out: Alaska and Hawaii. Everyone knows they exist, but they frequently get overlooked, even though Alaska is as big as the Eastern Seaboard.

We’ve noticed that the same thing often happens in business continuity management when it comes to the IT side of BCM versus all the other parts of BCM.

IT issues tend to get a lot more notice and press, not to mention attention from management. Sometimes people assume that if you can recover your IT, you can recover the business, forgetting that you need facilities to work in and people to operate them.