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Friday, 24 May 2013 13:31

The Next Monopoly? What “Pandemic” teaches us about public health

Even for an epidemiologist who works in public health preparedness and response, being asked to explain to the public what we do at CDC can be difficult.  

That said, sometimes opportunities to talk about public health drop into your lap.   A few months ago I was catching up with my friend Austin, an engineer for a large corporation.  It turned out that while on long-term assignments he and his team had recently taken to playing the board game, “PandemicExternal Web Site Icon.”   One might think that an infectious disease would make for a strange game premise, but to my surprise it’s been gaining a loyal fan base. Of note, the game has recently profiled by Wil Wheaton on his “Geeks and Sundry” tabletop videocastExternal Web Site Icon seen by more than 350,000 viewers and positively reviewed on many board game sites.