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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 00:00

The Right Way for Healthcare Facilities to Do Mass Notification

Emergency Notifications in the Healthcare Industry

AlertMedia-LogoOur blogs typically highlight the use of emergency mass notifications for companies, such as service organizations, manufacturing, and typical private-sector businesses with a medium to large and/or dispersed workforce. While this has been our focus, we believe it is critical for any organization across every industry to have an emergency plan in place, practiced, and periodically updated to include the latest technology. The plan must include, at its core, a sound emergency communications strategy and solution.

I stumbled upon a recent article talking about mass notifications in an industry we haven’t written much about, namely healthcare. We’ve mentioned how a mass communication system can be used in the healthcare industry for scheduling the many shifts involved in most healthcare organizations, but we haven’t touched upon the need for mass communications in the event of an emergency in a hospital or other patient care facility. Until now.