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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 16:29

The Truth About Enterprises and the Public Cloud

CIO — You've certainly heard a lot about the cloud — the public cloud, that is, run by software vendors and outsourced completely. You've heard the standard advice about why the public cloud has certain technical advantages and disadvantages, too. However, there's an inconvenient truth to the public cloud that has been brewing for a while: Its effect on IT pros.

Cloud Vendors Creating False Choices

As part of software companies' push to move their customers to cloud versions of their products, many companies introduce features or capabilities available in the hosted service versions of their programs that aren't immediately available in the on-premises version of the software. In some cases, these features aren't on the roadmap at all to be ported to on-premises systems.

We've heard from Microsoft, for example, that major server products such as Exchange and SharePoint will be as close to feature equivalent as possible. We've even heard promises that new technology such as the Office Graph will be ported back to the boxed software release designed to be run in your server closet. These commitments have been walked back, much to the dismay of existing customers and IT pros.