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Friday, 19 January 2018 15:19

Tornado Sirens Sound Funny? It's Time to Duck and Cover

(TNS) - Sedgwick County, Kan., has a system for warning its residents about an impending nuclear attack.

You’ve probably already heard it.

Last time the county tested it in 2017, people called asking why the tornado sirens sounded weird.

The warning sirens in Sedgwick County have two different modes: The alert mode, a steady tone used for tornadoes and tested most Mondays at noon, and the attack mode, a classic rise and fall sound used for air attacks.

The second tone is the one that would likely be used in the event of a missile attack, said Cody Charvat, interim emergency manager with Sedgwick County.

Technically it can be sounded anytime the United States is under attack.