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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 15:49

Visual Discovery Tools

There is no question that we are becoming more visually oriented in our approach to thinking today. You can see it in the increasing numbers of PowerPoint presentations given with the admonition that fewer words will suffice. You can see it in the increase in infographics, catchy photographs, and pictorial slogans that continue to spread across social media. And you can see the result in BI dashboards and an increasing array of visually oriented approaches to the display, digestion, and understanding of data. It is no wonder, then, that visual discovery tools should emerge as an important and rapidly growing part of BI.

Visual discovery tools are applications that typically enable non-analyst users to “play” with relationships between data items and explore an array of hidden possibilities that might yield interesting trends. They are available in some form from every major BI vendor, with a few pure play solutions leading the way. Current leaders are QlikView, Tableau, and TIBCO Spotfire, although rankings are somewhat obscured by increasing incorporation of this capacity in larger BI solutions.