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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 14:31

What About When Communication Methods are Limited?

Do you have plans in place for use when traditional communication methods are limited? Here’s why you should create and implement backup communications systems

In our blogs over the past several weeks, we have been discussing business continuity strategies and IT architecture. We have also talked about planning for hurricanes and other storms. As a follow up to both of those concepts, today’s blog is a bit more tactical and pointed. The recent storms and hurricanes have directed our attention back to natural disasters and our preparedness for them. One thing the devastation in Puerto Rico has made clear is how difficult it is to maintain communications when the underlying infrastructure has been destroyed or compromised. Internet and cell phone networks are out all over the island making communication with officials, friends, and relatives on the mainland almost impossible.

Here are some things to consider regarding communication (including contact with government officials and vendors; locating and accounting for staff, etc.) if your planned use of telephones (cell or otherwise), email, websites, messaging, and the like become unavailable.