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Friday, 23 August 2013 22:06

What CIOs Should Be Thinking About But Aren't

By Jack Rosenberger

A vice president of datacenter initiatives and digital infrastructure with the analyst firm 451 Research, Michelle Bailey recently spoke with CIO Insight about IT investments, the current lack of innovation, business metrics and what many CIOs should be thinking about but aren’t. Here is a condensed version of Bailey’s remarks.

It’s time for companies to invest in IT. “The economy is improving, and we’re seeing jobs growth and improvement in the housing market, especially in the U.S., but what we aren’t seeing a return to IT spending. We haven’t seen the return to IT spending that we would have expected to see by now. Instead, we are seeing companies hoarding cash and a lot of bloated balance sheets. We’ve seen a lot of IT consolidation projects, with CIOs going after the low-hanging fruit, which is fine during the downturn of the economy. But what we’re not seeing—and what we should be seeing—is long-term investments in IT.”