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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 15:10

What Europe’s New Data Protection Law Means for Data Center Operators

The new European General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect next May and applies to any company, anywhere in the world, that collects sensitive data about European customers or employees. GDPR also comes with onerous breach notification requirements and high penalties for failing to comply, and data center operators may become prime targets for regulators’ enforcement efforts once the new rules kick in.

“Data center providers are an important piece in the GDPR compliance chain as they have ownership of the physical assets where information is stored,” said Jose Casinha, CISO at OutSystems, an enterprise software company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The data center is ‘where the rubber meets the road’ for many aspects of GDPR,” said Ken Krupa, enterprise CTO at MarkLogic Corp.

Often, it’s only the people who manage the infrastructure who really understand where all the copies of the data are, he said, especially when things like high availability, disaster recovery, and backups are taken into account.