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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Thursday, 30 November 2017 16:42

What to Consider Before DIY-ing Your Data Center Modernization Project

A new Forrester study found that companies that handle their data center modernization and migrations alone end up spending $4 million more than companies that receive help from a vendor.

There’s an unstoppable digital transformation under way, and today’s most competitive companies understand they have two options: Rise to the occasion and implement modern technology or miss out on the efficiencies and opportunities enabled by IoT, AI/machine learning, AR/VR, cloud, big data analysis and mobility in the workplace – and possibly be disrupted or replaced as a result.

Much of the pressure to modernize falls on IT teams, who are the gatekeepers of the data center and, therefore, key enablers of – or roadblocks to – their companies’ future opportunities and success. With the modern data center infrastructure becoming “multi cloud,” planning is critical. When the time to modernize comes, most face the decision of whether to handle the process themselves or work with a third party.

A new Forrester study, commissioned by Dell EMC, found that companies that handle their data center modernization and migrations alone end up spending $4 million more than companies that receive help from a vendor. Moreover, it takes these companies two years longer to complete the process, diverting internal IT time that could be spent on other responsibilities.