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Volume 30, Issue 4

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 15:03

When Bolted-On IT Security is the Only Option

If you’ve worked in IT development for hardware or software, or had dealings with that world, you may well have seen the statistics about the costs of fixing bugs.

In terms of “units” of cost, suppose catching a bug during the design phase costs one unit to fix it. Then catching it after module code has been written costs ten units, and catching it at final quality assurance testing costs 100 to fix it. Once the product has been released to market, the cost is 1,000 units.

A similar logic applies to IT security. If you try to stick it on as an afterthought, it gets expensive too. But what do you do with legacy systems that were built before these illuminating statistics were available?

The problem with bolted-on solutions in a digital world is not just the cost, although this mounts up rapidly in terms of effort to find a suitable solution, testing, and retrofitting (patching or upgrades). IT security is now an all or nothing situation.