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Volume 30, Issue 2

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Thursday, 11 July 2013 14:14

Where Should Business Continuity Belong in an Organization?

The title of this article is a question that comes up often in Business Continuity Management industry LinkedIn Group Discussions.  Many planners and practitioners struggle with where BCM in situated in their organizational hierarchy – resulting in a hopeful search for a better solution.

Business Continuity Management is often the homely foster child in many organizations.  (For those not familiar with the US foster-care system, a foster child is removed from his/her natural parents and sent to live with a volunteer ‘foster family’ who receives government funds to provide their care).  Few C-level executive want responsibility for BCM.  There’s little ‘up’ side; it doesn’t make any money, and failure – in either a compliance audit or a real-life disruption – may win a one-way ticket to unemployment.

So the winner of the Business Continuity Management sweepstakes is decided by fiat or by default, depending upon the organization’s culture.