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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 14:12

Why AI Will Create Far More Jobs Than It Replaces

Just as spreadsheets and personal computers created a job boom in the '70s, so too will artificial intelligence spur security analysts' ability to defend against advanced threats.

Teaching a machine to think like a human is the promise of artificial intelligence (AI). Using that narrow definition, it naturally follows that AI's future could ultimately include the idling of countless millions of workers who are gainfully employed today.

These concerns about job loss are logical and unavoidable, but in my opinion, they are as unfounded as they are provocative. While someday in the distant future AI systems may start to approach the holy grail of emulating the thought process and analytical capabilities of a human, today's capabilities put AI squarely in the category of a beneficial, time-saving tool rather than a human replacement.

Beginning with the Industrial Revolution and continuing into modern times, machinery has replaced workers. Automated looms disrupted the textile industry, and mass production disrupted the automobile industry. Desktop computing and word processing cut short many stenographer's careers, and other tools such as email and voicemail have imperiled letter carriers and administrative assistants.