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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 16:17

Are Organizations Paying Attention to the BYOD Security Challenge?

When BYOD first established itself, IT and telecommunications departments, and the higher-ups who sign their checks, were rightly concerned that the new trend would have fundamental and widespread effects. They acknowledged that a tremendous amount of hard work would be necessary to leverage the new approach without compromising security.

It is easy to react when something is new and exciting. The challenge is long-term commitment. Vendors continually bring new products to market and strategies change. Will IT departments continue work to integrate the new techniques to make BYOD increasingly secure – and not grow lazy or compliant? Will the budgets they need to keep up with what is new start to shrink as other priorities emerge?

Joe McKendrick at ZDNet took a look at a BYOD survey by CompTIA. The results suggest that people are not paying as much attention as they should: