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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 19:14

Baron Announces Suite of Aviation Weather Data Products

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces Aviation Weather, its suite of aviation weather data products. Baron Aviation Weather features a variety of weather tracking and forecasting tools designed specifically for use in the aviation industry, including 2 Baron-exclusive, proprietary weather intelligence products – Baron Flight Cross Section and Global Radar. 

Baron Flight Cross Section provides customers with detailed weather information for every altitude between takeoff and landing. With Baron Flight Cross Section, customers can create a detailed vertical profile, directly from client apps or websites, of temperature, winds, turbulence, or icing along their route. This information is presented in an easy-to-read, cross-sectional graphic, including different visual settings for optimizing viewing for different times of day. 

Baron’s other proprietary weather intelligence tool, Global Radar, delivers detailed images of current precipitation intensity in areas that are not covered by traditional ground-based radars - a useful tool for airplanes flying over sparsely populated or isolated areas. 

Baron’s other key Aviation Weather intelligence tools include:

  • Global Winds and Temps Aloft: Merges forecast wind data with forecast temperatures into one display. Data is provided up to 9 days in the future and is displayed in 1,000 ft. increments up to 51,000 ft.
  • Global IR Satellite: Displays infrared satellite data that is visible both day and night allowing pilots to see where areas of convection are occurring.
  • Global Lightning: Displays individual lighting strikes as they occur or as a heat map display.
  • Mid and High Level Significant Weather (Global Product): Displays a worldwide view of weather (including areas of convection, icing, turbulence, and Flight Level Winds) over mid and high levels. Data is provided as a single map overlay through the Baron Weather API.
  • And more, such as METARs, SIGMETs, and TAFs

Baron Aviation Weather can be implemented via the Baron Weather API, which allows for turn-key integration of the weather intelligence products into a range of devices and services, including location-based smart phone and tablet apps, websites, desktop applications, multi-function displays, chart plotters, and electronic flight bags. John Burnside, Director of Technology for iFlightPlanner, said of the Baron API: “The moment I saw [Baron’s] API, I realized that they had really put a lot of thought behind this.”

For more information, visit baronweather.com

About Baron 

Baron’s meteorological hardware, software and data deliver critical weather intelligence to organizations, businesses and individuals impacted by weather conditions. Baron’s world-class scientists are continuously inventing new and more effective ways to collect, interpret, package, display and deliver real-time, hyper-local weather intelligence to aid in safe, intelligent professional decision-making. Baron products are used in numerous industries such as public safety, transportation, aviation, insurance, marine, government and media. The Baron name is trusted by weather industry leaders such as the NOAA, the DOD, the FAA and the Weather Channel, and is also trusted in business by industry leaders like Toyota, Honda, Verizon, CNN, and Fox. For more information, visit www.baronweather.com.