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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 14:55

BCI Accepts ICOR BCM Certification for MBCI or AMBCI BCI Now Offers ICOR's BCM 5000: ISO Lead Auditor Training

LOMBARD, Ill. –  The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR), an international non-profit professional development and credentialing organization, has strengthened their alliance with the BCI, a global institute and professional body for business continuity (BC) practitioners.  As part of the alliance, ICOR and BCI recognize each organization's credentials and BCI will be adding the BCM 5000: ISO 22301 Lead Auditor course to its course offerings.

ICOR's CORS in BCM Now Part of BCI Alternative Route to Entry Program 

The Business Continuity Institute is pleased to announce a new initiative in their strategic partnership with the International Consortium for Organizational Resilience. As part of the BCI Alternative Route to Entry program, from September 2013, the BCI will accept applications for either MBCI or AMBCI membership from experienced BC practitioners who have passed the ICOR CORS BCM certification examination. The CORS examination is taken following ICOR training which has been aligned to the Business Continuity Institute's Good Practice Guidelines. The pass level of this challenging examination has been carefully assessed by the BCI and it has been matched to the Pass with Merit in the CBCI exam.

This means that those practitioners who hold the CORS credential and have three years or more experience in each of the six BCI competency areas can apply for Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI). Those with less than 3 years' experience can apply for AMBCI membership.

Membership of the BCI offers a wealth of post-credential benefits at a global level. Benefits include:

  •  Internationally recognized post-nominal designation
  • Access to the BCI CPD Program
  • Access to the BCI Mentoring Program
  • Inclusion in the BCI Consultancy Register
  • Member Rates for the BCM World Conference and Exhibition, one of the leading BCM industry events worldwide
  • Member Rates on BCI Physical and Virtual Workshops
  • Access to international networking opportunities via our global network of Chapter and Forums.
  • Receive all BCI Membership Communications, including eNewsletter and eBulletins and Continuity magazine, keeping you up to date on the latest news, trends and developments in the BCI and in business continuity
  • Access to the BCI Members' Area where you will find a wide range of high-quality BCM resources, including Research Reports, White Papers and more
  • Member discounts on BCI Products and Services including books and DVDs (typically 10%)
  • Free download of the Good Practice Guidelines
  • Participation in Industry Research via BCI Member Surveys
  • Free access to BCI Regional and Virtual Forums
  • Discounted delegate rates for third party conferences where a discounted rate has been negotiated for BCI Members
Holders of the CORS credential who wish to apply for BCI membership can do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application form. Joining fees of $75 will be waived until December 2013.
BCI Adds ICOR's BCM 5000:  ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Class to its Course Offerings
Beginning in October 2013, BCI Global Training Partners will offer the ICOR BCM 5000:  ISO 22301 Lead Auditor 5 day class.  BCI recognizes ICOR's ANSI Accredited course as a leader in teaching how to audit a business continuity management system according to international standards.

ICOR continues to offer the ISO 22301 Lead Auditor class globally as well through its world-wide campuses.  In the United States, the course curriculum includes the study of NFPA 16000 and ASIS SPC.1 under the PS-Prep certification.

Completion of the course and the exam results in a certificate as an ANSI Accredited BCMS Auditor (in the US) and ISO 22301 Lead Auditor (globally).

To learn more about BCM 5000:  ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training click here.

Interested in offering a private course?  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) was established in 1994 to enable individual members to obtain guidance and support from fellow business continuity practitioners. The BCI currently has over 8000 members in 100+ countries active in an estimated 3000 organizations.


The BCI is the world's most eminent BCM institute and our name is instantly recognized as standing for good practice and professionalism. We deliver a wide range of products, services and initiatives to support our members and the wider business continuity community including:

  • Publishing - including the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and Continuity magazine
  • Business Continuity Training
  • Conferences, Workshops and Webinars
  • Research Reports
  • Organising Business Continuity Awareness Week
  • International Chapters and Forums for networking

The BCI Partnership offers corporate membership enabling organizations to work more closely with the Business Continuity Institute to deliver the overall BCI purpose of:  Promoting the art and science of business continuity worldwide.


ICOR (), headquartered in Lombard, IL USA, is an international non-profit professional development and credentialing organization that provides professional development, certification, thought-leadership, and the latest in research and industry trends in the disciplines that support resilience.

ICOR addresses the evolving needs of business, government, non-governmental agencies, and society to improve their resilience and viability as individual organizations and within the larger community.


Embedding Culture and Systems of Organizational Resilience
ICOR's University identifies 10 disciplines that support organizational resilience and has developed its education and credentialing program around these 10 disciplines.  ICOR's multi-level credentialing program complements and supports its educational program and addresses entry level to existing practitioners to senior business and government leadership.

With global campuses, ICOR offers standards-based, education and credentialing in:

  • Auditing of Management Systems
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Crisis Management & Communications
  • Data Center Facility Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Organizational Resilience
  • Risk Management
  • Social & Personal Resilience
  • Supply Chain Risk Management

ICOR's courses are offered via traditional instructor-led, "live" elearning, and self-study elearning. ICOR's Certificate Program is ANSI Accredited.