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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 21:00

DocAuto Releases "Helm", A Full Scale Infrastructure Monitoring Application

Unique software provides a command center to monitor and analyze WorkSite IDOL, DMS, Communication and Mobility servers

ATLANTA – Raising the bar again, DocAuto, Inc. is keeping things exciting with a brand new product release. DocAuto "Helm" encompasses the knowledge and expertise of multiple former Senior Autonomy IDOL Engineers, and promises to be the most thorough infrastructure monitoring tool for IDOL, WorkSite DMS, WorkSite Communications Server and more. By focusing heavily on the iManage environment, Helm provides context-specific component knowledge within its attractive, easy-to-use graphical interface.

"The power and scalability of the Autonomy IDOL infrastructure significantly changed the level of expertise and resources required to ensure effective management of the overall system. However, few firms are in a position to staff-up and perform the necessary 'care and feeding' required on a daily basis. As a result of utilizing DocAuto's many cumulative years of experience with the Autonomy infrastructure, we have released Helm, a scalable, customizable, real-time monitoring solution specifically designed to analyze and alert based on technologies used in the IDOL and WorkSite environment." � Dave Pilling, Vice President of Operations and Strategy at DocAuto, Inc.

Helm combines the intricate functions of multiple monitoring applications with widely expanded capabilities and one central command center to control it all. With negligible impact on system resources, Helm provides users with full scale knowledge of their system's actual performance. With the new Helm application, administrators are able to control and automate multifaceted IT tasks, as well as view graphs and reports based on historical trends of any component. Helm's Configuration and Log File views allow administrators to monitor, troubleshoot, and control applications in different locations without the need to log-on to several different servers. Notifications can be easily configured to send alerts when critical problems are imminent or encountered, like hardware failures or capacity issues, or when predetermined performance thresholds are met. This proactive alerting allows IT teams to detect and resolve issues before they impact users or cause down time. Helm also simplifies and automates many manual IDOL and DMS administration tasks, allowing the IT Team and IDOL experts to spend less time performing the system checks normally necessary to ensure system operation and optimization. Due to its unique architecture, Helm is not limited to only monitoring the iManage suite of applications; Helm has the capability to perform the same proactive real-time diagnostic and analysis on any application that uses Windows Services and log files for internal reporting mechanisms. Helm is designed to have a ubiquitous presence in any data center.

About DocAuto

DocAuto, Inc. provides solutions that make it easier to collaborate, reduce risk, optimize performance and increase user engagement. With over sixteen years in software development and over 250,000 users worldwide, DocAuto provides leading-edge software and best-in-class consulting services, and is a name that is well known and trusted within the WorkSite community. Since 1997, DocAuto has been committed to making it easier for its customers to share information, manage content and data securely from start to finish, and customize what information users should see, want to see and need to see. DocAuto makes matter-centricity, e-mail management and other content management operations flexible, seamless and secure.

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