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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:00

Dr. Frank Soltis Joins as First Guest on Power Talk: The Vision Solutions Podcast

Father of IBM i discusses the uniqueness of IBM i as a computing platform

DRJ-LogoIRVINE, Calif.  – A new podcast from Vision Solutions, a leading provider of IT Modernization solutions, called “Power Talk” debuted its inaugural episode with Dr. Frank Soltis, considered the father of IBM i, as the guest. The conversation between Dr. Soltis and host Becky Hjellming, director of product marketing at Vision Solutions, covers a variety of topics, including the past and future of IBM i, its uniqueness as a computing platform, and its growing dependence on the cloud and managed service providers.

An excerpt of the conversation:

Becky Hjellming: Could you share some of key points that you were talking about – things that you’re looking forward to and envisioning for 2020?

Dr. Soltis: Well, the reason that I use 2020 as a starting point, and perhaps it’s a few years beyond 2020, but by 2020, we’re going to start seeing some major changes … roughly 50 years ago Gordon Moore, who was one of the founders of Intel, made a prediction. Back at that time he said that every year we’re going to be able to double the number of transistors on a single chip … that particular prediction has held true for something like 50 years … What a lot of people don’t realize is that about five years ago Moore’s law slowed down … In fact, there are some people predicting that in a few years, Moore’s law is going to end. It will just quit.

Well, that presents a real problem for the industry … With the amount of data that we’re getting over the years, more computer power is needed and so forth. So, we somehow have to move things forward ... And one of the things that they’re doing is they’re focusing on architecture that’s dealing with memory and not so much with disk. I like to talk about it as memory-oriented architecture. Well, one of the real advantages we’ve had over the years with IBM i and all of its predecessors, is it was originally designed as a memory-oriented architecture.

The first episode of the Vision Solutions Power Talk podcast series is available at:

“As an industry pioneer and thought leader, Vision Solutions is in a unique position to connect with industry experts and share their insights with the IBM i community at large,” said Edward Vesely, EVP and CMO of Vision Solutions. “That’s the goal of our new Power Talk podcast series – to unearth the stories, commentary and expertise that continue to shape the industry and deliver them to the audiences that can benefit the most.”

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