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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 12:26

Dri‑Plan™ 3.0 mobile app launches long list of new features

BURLINGTON, Wash. – Legend Brands announces the first true technician-friendly and full-featured project documentation application for the water damage restoration industry.  

Dri‑Plan™ release 3.0 adds several features to its mobile job-documentation app that speed data entry and simplify the overall monitoring process. With these innovations, Dri‑Plan becomes the industry's most complete and streamlined field monitoring solution. Dri‑Plan is now available for the Apple iPad at the Apple Store. http://bit.ly/1bB49P2

Users can complete job scope forms, sketch rooms, take project photos, record readings and even record customer signatures all inside one simple, easy to use application. No Internet connection is required, and the system completely eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of re-entering data.

Dri‑Plan is built around a customizable moisture map that allows the user to plot moisture levels and locations and record the equipment used in each room. Built-in drawing tools and templates let users quickly sketch project diagrams and automatically calculate size and quantity of equipment for each room of the job.

Dri‑Plan users can now analyze drying trends and equipment usage at a glance using the new timeline table. A remote backup feature has also been added to provide additional data security.

The Dri‑Plan service costs a fraction of the fees charged for competitive job monitoring applications, and no other application offers Dri‑Plan’s full-range functionality. Creating an account incurs a one-time setup fee of $200 per office location, and just $21 per month for each user. Learn more about Dri-Plan here.

A free trial is available for iPad at the Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/1bB49P2. Users may try out the Dri‑Plan iPad app immediately for free by logging in with “Demo” as the username.

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