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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 19:19

Infortrend Delivers World's First 16G Fibre Channel Storage Solutions

EonStor DS G7i 16G FC Storage Delivers Extreme Throughput Density and IOPS for Same Price as 8G FC Storage

SAN FRANCISCO – Infortrend today announced the immediate availability of the world's first 16G Fibre Channel (FC) storage solutions. Built upon the award-winning EonStor DS G7i platform, these new models provide a full range of options for SMEs and enterprises looking to optimize and future proof their storage infrastructure. Infortrend is offering the 16G FC solution at the same price as Infortrend 8G FC solutions until the end of August 2013.

As the demand for increased bandwidth and higher throughput increases, so does the level of technology that powers the datacenters, cloud services and high-volume servers. With the introduction of 16G FC, a natural evolution of FC, IT departments are given access to an FC which not only doubles the throughput of 8GB FC but is also better suited to run any multi-core processor, SSD-driven applications and services. Furthermore, the 16G FC is able to more than meet these service demands while retaining compatibility with existing 8G and 4G FC infrastructure. By introducing the world's first 16G FC models, Infortrend is taking the lead in providing advanced solutions for performance-demanding applications and services.

Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend, states, "The constant demands for faster and higher performance never ceases, with enterprises and SMEs always looking to optimize their current systems as well as to future proof them." He added: "Upgrading to 16G FC represents a great leap for those who have invested in Fibre infrastructure, and Infortrend is proud to release the world's first 16G FC storage solutions that have the power, speed and proven efficiencies of the G7i platform to deliver the performance that companies need at an industry-leading price point."

Infortrend's ground-breaking 16G FC storage solutions are available in 2U/12-bay and 3U/16-bay options in FC and Hybrid FC+iSCSI forms, presenting a full product line to fit in with every user's needs. There are eight (8) 16G FC EonStor DS G7i models available now with the following features:

Hybrid host Models (16G FC & 1GbE iSCSI host ):

ESDS S16F-R2652: Dual-redundant Controller, 3U/16-bay form factor

ESDS S16F-G2652: Single Controller, 3U/16-bay form factor

FC host only Models :

ESDS S12F-R2651: Dual-redundant Controller, 2U/12-bay form factor

ESDS S12F-G2651: Single Controller, 2U/12-bay form factor

ESDS S16F-R2651: Dual-redundant Controller, 3U/16-bay form factor

ESDS S16F-G2651: Single Controller, 3U/16-bay form factor

ESDS S24F-R2651: Dual-redundant Controller, 4U/24-bay form factor

ESDS S24F-G2651: Single Controller, 4U/24-bay form factor


The newly announced models are currently available from US commercial distributors and resellers.

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About Infortrend

Founded in 1993, Infortrend Corporation is a leading provider of high performance networked storage solutions focusing on quality, reliability, choice and value. Fueled by a depth of technological expertise and system level knowledge, Infortrend storage solutions have been widely deployed on a variety of demanding applications by multiple users across commercial and industrial markets. Its core brands include the ESVA, EonStor DS, EonStor and EonNAS product families. For more information, please visit www.infortrend.com.