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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 14:06

Insurance Telematics and Smartphone UBI Tested by The Driveway Software Data Challenge

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Which insurance telematics solution most effectively tracks driving behavior? That's one of the key questions posed by the Driveway Data Challenge conducted by Driveway Software. The Challenge measures three drivers for three weeks, using two insurance telematics devices: A smartphone UBI platform and an onboard diagnostic (OBD) device. Results from a larger sample size over a longer time period will also be compared.

Data will be tracked and recorded in several categories including acceleration, braking and cornering, time of driving, distance driven and type of driving. The challenge will compare the data collected by the OBD device and the smartphone app to determine which insurance telematics method most effectively measures driving behavior.

In addition to the serious analysis of measuring smartphone UBI versus OBD-UBI, the Challenge will also answer a lighter question – which of the Driveway Software company executives is the safest driving risk – Jake Diner, Igor Katsman or John Baker? Using the company's smartphone UBI platform, telematics data will be scored using a proprietary formula derived from studying more than 150,000 users. Each of the company executives will be rated on a scale of 1 to 100, with a score of 100 being the safest. The personal aspect of the challenge will shed light on whether traditional underwriting criteria can accurately predict safe driving behavior.

The results of the Driveway Data Challenge will be revealed at Insurance Telematics USA 2014 in Chicago in September, where company executives will present the topic, "Is using an ODB Device the Gold Standard for Usage Based Insurance?" Attendees will be shown complete results of the study including a comparison of smartphone UBI versus OBD-UBI data collected. Attendees can also visit Driveway Software at booth #21.

Those who cannot attend the conference can also vote for the safest driver and register to receive an emailed copy of the Driveway Data Challenge Results Report at http://drivewaysoftware.com/driveway-challenge.

About Driveway Software
Driveway Software, Inc. helps insurers finally realize the promise and potential of usage based insurance with an end-to-end smartphone UBI platform. Driveway is a robust, smartphone-deployed, cloud-based technology that provides auto insurers with comprehensive insured driving data for better pricing intelligence – maximizing the opportunity for lower loss ratios and higher profits. Driveway is an end-to-end platform that goes far beyond telematics.

The Driveway Software Solution:

  • Is the only smartphone UBI platform on the market that goes beyond data capture to include data analysis and scoring
  • Solves previous smartphone UBI challenges of battery drain and fixed position requirements
  • Is completely hands-free with auto-trip detection so no user interaction is required
  • Overcomes "black box" barriers to entry, offering a more cost-effective and scalable solution

Most remarkably, the Driveway Software smartphone UBI program can be customized, white-labeled and rolled out within 90 days – an industry first.  For more information, visit http://DrivewaySoftware.com or call 321-356-1587.