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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 16:32

Integrated Design Group Announces Completion of Digital Realty Data Center

Boston-based architectural and engineering firm joins leading data center solution provider in unveiling 130,000 SF world-class data center


BOSTON — Integrated Design Group, (ID), an architectural, engineering and planning firm focused on data center design, announced today that Digital Realty’s data center in Needham, Mass. (DLR Needham) is complete. ID designed the master plan and provided combined architecture and engineering services for the three-story, 130,000 SF data center.

DLR Needham is designed to meet the technical requirements of companies seeking best-in-class data center space, featuring data center solutions, redundant power feeds and fiber connectivity. Each of the five suites will have approximately 8,000 SF of raised floor space and 1.125 MWs of IT capacity. The space will include state-of-the-art HVAC systems and security optimized to support advanced data center operations.

Lack of adequate yard space on the Needham site forced ID to find creative accommodations for the data center’s eight generators. Relegating these units to the roof was not an option due to the town’s strict zoning regulations. Therefore, ID’s alternative design solution accommodated the generators within the interior of the data center.

“The grand opening of DLR Needham is a significant milestone for our team,” said Lindsay Shanley, project manager at ID. “This particular project challenged us to find creative solutions for this location, which lacks outdoor space usually available on a data center site. ID thrives on these types of challenges, which result in innovative solutions that satisfy our client’s unique design requirements.”

Other unique features of ID’s design for DLR Needham include an air-side economizer that has been incorporated into the cooling systems for the computer rooms and electrical rooms. The air economizer systems take advantage of the New England climate to allow for full or partial economizer operations for almost 10 months of the calendar year.  For the Electrical Rooms, the system uses outside air to first ventilate the indoor substation rooms, then transfers the air to cool the electrical equipment housed in the adjacent electrical/UPS rooms prior to being exhausted. For the Computer Rooms, the CRAHs modulate dampers and pull in filtered outside air to cool the space, and then separate relief air fans exhaust the hot air out of the building. However, this can lead to humidity issues in New England, so ID addressed this issue by including a CRAH gallery with high-capacity, low energy humidifiers to raise the humidity to acceptable ranges for the computers. This design adds the humidity into the system very effectively, without having to add equipment and run water piping in the computer room.

Project team members include:

  • Owner:                                               Digital Realty
  • Project Oversight and Design:           Integrated Design Group
  • Project Architect:                               Integrated Design Group
  • Shell Architect:                                   Newbury Design Associates
  • Structural Engineer:                            RRC Engineering
  • MEP/FIRE:                                           Integrated Design Group
  • General Contractor:                          Gilbane Building Co.
  • Civil Engineer:                                    Merrill Associates
  • Security:                                             Guidepost Solutions


About Integrated Design Group

Celebrating its tenth year in 2013, Integrated Design Group (ID) stands out as an architectural and engineering firm dedicated to the innovative design of data centers. A truly collaborative environment, the firm unites award-winning architects and mechanical and electrical engineers to create critical spaces that are custom, state-of-the-art, and sustainable. ID specializes in energy efficiency, modularity and load-on-demand concepts. The team is continuously seeking to expand its portfolio in addition to serving existing premier clients nationally and around the world that demand unique solutions and value excellent design. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.idgroupae.com, access their blog at www.idgroupaeblog.com; or follow on Twitter @ DataCntrDesign.