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Monday, 29 April 2013 14:03

ioBridge Releases Wireless Sensor and Control Network Platform for Professional Internet of Things and M2M Applications

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., -- ioBridge, Inc.
(www.iobridge.com <http://www.iobridge.com/>) released today its
wireless sensor and control network platform for Internet of Things and
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. New products include the ioBridge
Gamma PRO Web Gateway and Wireless Endpoints. The products are supported
by ioBridge cloud, web, and mobile services such as customizable
dashboard displays, data logging, alerting, reporting, and secure remote
control via desktop browsers and mobile apps for the iPhone and Android

"Several of our professional customers have already built amazing,
low-cost solutions for everything from tide level monitoring to water
management in cities and towns," said Dr. Robert Mawrey, CEO of
ioBridge. "We are now making the Gamma PRO and Wireless Endpoints
available to everyone on the ioBridge Store."

Many professional applications require battery operation, wireless
operation, remote connectivity, and secure operation. The Gamma PRO and
Wireless Endpoints solve the operational requirements while allowing for
easy setup and configuration with no programming required, no network
setup, and no recurring fees. The Gamma PRO and Wireless Endpoints
bundled with ioBridge web services are ideal for a wide range of
applications including remote tank level monitoring, temperature and
humidity monitoring, out-of-parameter alerting, secure control
applications, and industrial garage door control.

The Gamma PRO features four general purpose channels for monitoring
sensors and sending control signals to actuators, onboard serial, screw
terminals, a wide operating temperature range, and an expansion header
for wireless and M2M applications.

The Wireless Endpoints support battery operation of up to one year,
solar charging circuit for Li-Poly battery packs, built in temperature
and humidity sensors, audio range testing, up to 1 mile operation using
XBee-PRO(R) radio modules, secure programming and pairing of XBee
radios, latching control relay, and general support for external sensors.

"Our customers are looking for low-cost, wireless monitoring and control
solutions integrated with our web services," said Mawrey. "We are
excited to release our next generation platform to enable professional

The Gamma PRO and Wireless Endpoints are available now via the ioBridge
Store (store.iobridge.com <http://store.iobridge.com/>). ioBridge web
services and mobiles apps are included for free.