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Thursday, 05 September 2013 14:19

Kroll Ontrack announces the availability of new data recovery evaluation report for MAC customers

Ontrack® Verifile™ reveals the recoverability state of files, helping MAC users decide on whether or not to proceed with recovery

What: Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery, ediscovery and information management launched a MAC version of Ontrack Verifile, an easy to read online report that reveals the recoverability of files, helping MAC customers make informed decisions regarding data recovery. Originally developed for PC users and unique to Kroll Ontrack, Ontrack Verifile is a small browser-based application that provides a complete listing of recoverable and non-recoverable files in an organized, easily searchable format.

For a nominal evaluation fee, customers can view their Ontrack Verifile report to determine if important files can be recovered. Specifically, Ontrack Verifile reports provide:

  • Complete and searchable listing of recoverable files.
  • Clear status condition for each file: good, repairable or partial.
  • Comprehensive results typically delivered in 24-48 hours.
  • Familiar interface for viewing file and directory information.
  • Quick and easy advanced filtering options to drill down and locate the results for a specific file or groups of files based on file type, date range, etc.


“Knowing what you are getting prior to proceeding with a data recovery should be an industry standard, yet many companies advertise ‘free evaluations’ that don’t include a timely or full evaluation report or worse a very low cost recovery promise without knowing your data is recoverable,” said Abhik Mitra, product Manager, Kroll Ontrack. “Given the popularity of MACs, Kroll Ontrack is committed to investing and developing its MAC toolset. With the launch of Ontrack Verifile for MAC, Apple users can experience the same unique pre-service evaluation benefits PC users have come to value – fast identification of how effective the recovery service will be prior to a full financial commitment.”


Not every data recovery provider gives potential customers the resources to make an informed decision about data recovery. Information can be vague or sound too good to be true. As you conduct your research and decide how to proceed with your MAC recovery, look for a provider that offers transparency across every level of the recovery process, from the initial consultation to the status of your data during the recovery.

Specifically, keep in mind the following:

  • A free evaluation doesn’t mean an effective recovery: Everyone prefers free services, but in the case of data recovery, this should raise a red flag. A proper and efficient data analysis requires time and careful consideration to determine what data is recoverable and what is not. Improper treatment of drives may actually destroy your chance for a recovery, so vendors who advertise free evaluations are often bundling a diagnostic fee into the end price.
  • Get the data recovery details straight from the horse’s mouth:  Most data recovery providers won’t let you talk to their data recovery engineers. Engineers are the individuals working on your drives, and therefore should be the ones to explain the issue and how they are going to approach a recovery. When choosing a data recovery provider, it is critical to ensure you are able to speak with a data recovery engineer and they will work with you step-by-step, keeping you apprised of every phase of the recovery process.
  • Pay for performance not promises: Many providers don’t give you insight into what data is recoverable, so you end up purchasing a service method without having any control of what you’re actually getting back. If you are going to spend several hundred to even $1,000 to get your data back, make sure the provider can prove your data is recoverable. Look for a provider that can show you what is recoverable (at the file level) and goes on to provide post-recovery support to ensure you can easily load your recovered files to the location of your choice.
For More Information: To view a demo or sample Ontrack Verifile report, visit: http://www.krollontrack.com/data-recovery-reports/ontrack-verifile/.