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Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:01

'Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My!' Is Now Available

LLS OhMyWe are excited to announce the release of Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My! Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My is a children’s book designed to help kids learn about thunderstorms and how to stay safe should one occur. It is the third in the series of books by Train 4 Safety Press to help prepare children for disaster.

Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My! can be purchased via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a variety of other online retailers.

The author, Heather L. Beal, CEM is a military veteran with 23 years of crisis management and operational planning experience that she draws upon daily in her battle to raise two well-prepared, happy, curious, and intelligent children. As a trained emergency manager and parent, she saw the need to provide age-appropriate disaster preparedness information to young children in a way that empowered rather than frightened them. She is currently writing additional books to cover a greater spectrum of potential disasters children may face.