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Friday, 24 May 2013 13:39

National Hurricane Preparedness Week Begins With A Twist Be Prepared Have A Marketing Plan

HAUPPAUGE, NY – “Be Prepared – Get A PLAN!” That's the mantra straight from NOAA during this year's Hurricane Preparedness Week, which runs from May 26th through June 1st of 2013. With many lessons from last year’s storms, Dean Mercado and Bill Baylis of Long Island internet marketing firm Online Marketing Muscle urge business owners to take a fresh look at why a Marketing Disaster Recovery Plan is a must have to succeed in today’s turbulent business world.

Hurricane Sandy was devastating to the tri-state area, but the aftermath in some ways was worse. Businesses may have planned for power outages and food shortages, but not for effectively communicating with their clients or staff. Post storm, local businesses reopened, restaurants began serving food, dry cleaners even offered charging stations for cell phones; however, none of them realized they needed to have an effective communication plan to let people know they were back up and running. With trees and power lines down, it was impossible to know what was open just down the block, never mind several streets away or the other side of the city.

Social media became the best source for friends and family to learn about the situations in their home towns. Bill Baylis learned firsthand what a lack of communication means; his parish, Curè of Ars Church in Merrick, NY had food and shelter set up to share with the community. “Unfortunately,” says Pastor Charles Mangano, “we had relief available, but did not have an effective way to post, text or email to get the word out. Bill Baylis, among other parishioners, stepped up to use their talents to get our social media presence ready for the next challenging event, getting to those in need at the press of a button.”

With hurricane season approaching, Online Marketing Muscle wants to raise awareness by following NOAA’s lead, Plan to prepare. Pledge to take action. Create a social media marketing plan in the event disaster hits to ease the transition period after a storm, foster positive community relations and establish a strong sense of good will.

“We teach our clients that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs,” says Dean Mercado. “We all owe it to ourselves to learn from Hurricane Sandy and prepare for the worst; if that comes we will be ready. If we are spared, then the investment can be turned into a positive with a social media presence.”

Baylis agrees, “Hurricane Sandy proved our belief that business owners and entrepreneurs are very generous caring people, who are always looking for ways to give back.” Baylis continues, “At Online Marketing Muscle, we’re no different. This is our give back to the community, by offering awareness to the best marketing solutions and doing what we do best, helping businesses get on the path to success."

This past year the two marketing coaches have observed too many businesses forced to take major financial hits, and some who have to close its operations altogether due to unforeseen natural disasters. Quality communication plans can make the difference between success and failure.

Online marketing muscle is dedicating June to assisting business owners on their way to building their own marketing disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Here are hands on solutions the company is offering to help educate and guide business owners to take action and become natural disaster prepared.

For more information about Online Marketing Muscle visit: http://www.OnlineMarketingMuscle.com

Online Marketing Muscle® helps service-based small to mid-sized businesses, nationally, to leverage the power of the Internet to expand their credibility, visibility, and reach within their target market.

Dean Mercado, president of Online Marketing Muscle, is a respected marketing coach, strategist, author, and speaker.

Bill Baylis, COO of Online Marketing Muscle, is a business-turnaround expert. He has crafted a life’s work from the creation of new revenue-generation methodologies, operational procedures, sales techniques, and marketing strategies for business.