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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Monday, 08 July 2013 13:51


Risk consultant Annie Searle has published an updated second edition of her compact volume of practical advice designed for the general public. With stories based on her own personal experience – from a house fire that destroyed thousands of books, to an episode in St. Petersburg where she lost her bearings – she walks the reader through the value of having plans so that risks can be taken with confidence.

Life is divided now into five chapters – home, school, work, online, and on the road. It's written in practical, plain English with plenty of stories about how things can go wrong. “The new chapter on school includes risk tips for parents from the time they put their child into a caregiver’s hands, through the point in college when I am speaking directly to the student. The school chapter, together with an expanded focus throughout the book for advances in technology use, social media and privacy concerns, makes the book useful to a broader audience,“ Searle notes.

The book is written for the individual and the family rather than directly for the business or corporations,” she notes. “We would never grow as people if we did not take risks. But rather than being blindsided by too much personal risk – as for example in our recent economic meltdown where thousands lost their homes or in situations where security was ignored, at home or online – to identify the risks and to make a plan means having more control over the outcome of events. I don’t identify all the risks or all the plans that one can make. I do discuss what is reasonable rather than what is possible.”

Searle is founder and principal at Annie Searle & Associates LLC, a Seattle-based firm founded in 2009. Her background includes a ten year stint as a senior executive for enterprise risk services at Washington Mutual, and 15 years as president & CEO of Delphi Computers & Peripherals. She is an inaugural member of the International Hall of Fame for Women in Homeland Security & Emergency Management, a lifetime member of the Institute of American Entrepreneurs, and an affiliate faculty member in the University of Washington’s School of Information. She writes four times a year for the London-based magazine, The Risk Universe, and is the editor of Reflections on Risk Volume I, published in 2012.

Advice From A Risk Detective Second Edition (Tautegory Press, 2013) is available directly from Searle’s website, http://www.advicefromariskdetective.com, or from Amazon at $14.95. ISBN #978-0-9839347-5-2.