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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 18:34

New Invention Won't Let Employees Fall Down on the Job

MudFlinger Helps Create Safer Environment for American Workers

BELLWOOD, Pa.  – Just in time for "mud season" – when spring rains and melting snow make the outdoors a mess – comes a way to eliminate dangerous slip-ups on the job.
The MudFlinger "flying saucer," a portable boot cleaner designed to keep the working man and woman safe, is part of the MudKill line of products which also includes brushes, discs and cleaning stations for muddy boots.
"MudKill Products stop mud in its tracks," said Donny Beaver, CEO and Co-Founder of HalenHardy LLC, the parent company of MudKill. "Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. And you get a clean workplace to boot."
Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that there were 285,380 non-fatal slip, trip and fall accidents on the job in 2012, with a median of 11 work days lost per accident. These accidents cost industry more than $11 billion annually, according to Liberty Mutual research.
The patented MudFlinger "flying saucer" has gripper cleats on the bottom to hold it in place on any surface, including concrete, wood, gravel, grass or even snow, while the worker rubs his boots on a surface with more than 150 tuff-flex polymer cones that scrub every crack and crevice of his soles.
"These products will save American companies millions and millions of dollars, when you figure in the cost of injuries and workplace cleanup," Beaver said. "But our main goal is to create a safer environment for the average working man and woman."
Using base figures of 111 precipitation days, 10 million construction workers and three ounces of mud per boot, the experts from MudKill estimate that the average worker's boots collect 46 pounds of mud a year, enough to fill 416,250 half-ton pickup trucks, stretching bumper to bumper from New York to Dallas.
Beaver, who has more than 40 years of experience in workplace safety, has a track record for innovation. He recently visited the mudslides in Azusa, Calif., hoping to help residents there, and came back with a number of ideas for new products.
"We are available to assist community, civil and church first responders in emergency preparedness prior to disasters and in the initial Mud Out phase of recovery," Beaver added.  "But our primary concern is for the more than 10 million men and women slogging through muddy job sites and mobile environments every day related to construction, mining, oil and gas and other industries."
The MudKill line is actually an outgrowth of another innovation, the Mobile Air Shower by HalenHardy or MASHH unit, which reduces worker exposure to hazardous silica dust. While working on the MASHH unit, HalenHardy's team of inventors saw what a safety issue mud creates in industrial workplaces.
MudKill products have a lifetime guarantee. For more information or to find out how you can win a "Mud Ugly" T-shirt, please visit http://www.mudkill.com/.