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Monday, 30 September 2013 18:31

OptifiNow Releases New Social OnDemand Module Establishing the Benchmark Application for Social Selling

OptifiNow amplifies social media across the enterprise by engaging sales professionals’ fans & followers with brand compliant messaging

LOS ANGELES, CA – OptifiNow, an industry leader in SaaS-based solutions designed to optimize the effectiveness of the sales force, is once again establishing the industry benchmark by launching Social onDemand, the first social media application designed specifically for use by a sales team. Social onDemand empowers sales teams to acquire leads, nurture prospects and convert customers via social media channels. Combining Social onDemand with the existing OptifiNow platform enables relevant, multichannel, brand compliant communication throughout the entire sales and marketing funnel.

Ever since Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels exploded in popularity, companies have been searching for the most effective way to leverage social media in sales and marketing activities,” said OptifiNow CEO John McGee. "Until now, companies have struggled to build an effective social media presence because fans and followers are not as interactive with a disconnected corporate account. With Social onDemand companies are finally able to exponentially grow their fan bases and increase the effectiveness of social media marketing and selling by tapping into the social resources of the sales team.”

Social onDemand allows marketing departments to build libraries of brand and legal compliant communications that sales representatives can post to their individual LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with one click from any location, on any device. Posting to the followers of individual sales representatives expands a company’s reach and also facilitates direct dialogue between customers and sales representatives.

Additionally, companies will now be able to monitor social media across corporate and employee accounts to determine what campaigns are generating results and which need to be revised. Real time results help companies know what is trending and what is not, learn how customers, prospects and leads engage with content, and track and grow their influence within social networks.

McGee added, “We are excited about the roll out of Social onDemand. The addition of this feature to our Sales Enablement platform, OptifiNow, establishes an industry benchmark for social selling. Sales teams can now communicate to acquire leads, nurture prospects and convert customers using e-mail, direct mail, SMS, print or social media using an integrated solution.” He also noted, “No longer do sales reps need to hop from one software application to another to manage their activities. OptifiNow’s integrated solution empowers sales professionals by providing all the tools they need for success in one easy to use package. Sales teams embrace and use OptifiNow because it was developed for sales people by sales people.”

For more information about Social onDemand visit: www.optifinow.com.

About OptifiNow

OptifiNow is an industry leader in SaaS solutions designed to optimize the effectiveness of the sales force. OptifiNow's platform is modular in design yet it offers a fully integrated solution including: Lead Management, CRM, Sales Enablement, Content Management, Marketing Automation, Social Automation and Sales Collaboration that allow the definition and automation of company specific benchmark sales processes. OptifiNow enables multi-channel timely, relevant, brand and regulatory compliant communication. OptifiNow supports Direct Mail, Email, Print, SMS, Social, and Telephonic channels of communication.