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Monday, 13 November 2017 17:06


Developed for the Internet and Smartphones, Punch Alert’s 911+ Provides Accurate Details, Saving Seconds and Potentially Thousands of Lives 


CHARLOTTE, NC – Sixty percent of mobile 911 calls nationwide have inaccurate or no location data resulting in the loss of more than 10,000 lives, according to reports from NBC News (2015) and the FCC (2014). The time emergency responders spend trying to accurately locate a caller is vital to providing life-saving assistance, and currently this response time is not fast enough. Today, Punch Technologies changes the face of emergency management through the launch of the new Punch Alert 911+™, an internet-based solution that leverages GPS technology to automatically deliver an accurate location along with other needed information for responders to quickly locate and help a caller. 

“The current 911 system was developed for landline phones in the 1960s and is severely limited. It is inefficient and inaccurate in today’s digital world where internet and smartphone use prevails,” said Greg Artzt, president and CEO of Punch Technologies. “We developed 911+ with today’s technological infrastructure in mind. It is capable of providing precise location awareness critical for routing an emergency to the nearest call center. Ultimately, 911+ reduces the time it takes to respond and will potentially save thousands of lives.”

The Punch Alert 911+ application involves a simple, three-step process to report and share emergencies: 

  • Open the Punch Alert app; 
  • Press the red button;
  • Wait for the countdown or hit Report. Your 911+ call will be initiated along with other actions that the user may have pre-selected.      

Once the call is implemented, the operator receives the caller’s accurate current location or an address that they manually selected, along with their name and call back number. It also simultaneously notifies the caller’s emergency contacts (up to five) and nearby responders in Punch protected areas. Punch Alert 911+ is more than just a way to better connect with the police. It’s about building a community of individuals, organizations, and responders that can collectively work together to improve the outcomes for any kind of emergency. 

“The Federal Communications Commission has mandated by 2021 that 80 percent of wireless 911 calls need an accurate location,” said Artzt. “We understand that the future of emergency communication depends on location awareness, both indoors and outdoors, as well as enhanced simultaneous communications. This is why we developed 911+. With Punch Alert and 911+, we identified an opportunity to reinvent emergency communications from the ground up for mobile and the internet. The timing couldn’t be better because the technology is finally ready. Punch Alert 911+ already works in almost 99 percent of the country, and as a community we have never needed it more.”

Punch Alert’s 911+ is a simple, inexpensive safety solution. It is available by download on the App Store or via Google play. Users can also subscribe in-app to 911+ for only $0.99 per month.

About Punch Technologies 

Punch Technologies is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based software company, and creator of the Punch Alert safety communications platform. Punch Alert gets you help and information faster by relying on the people, organizations, and official responders in your area. It is the only all-in-one mobile safety, emergency management and mass notification platform designed specifically for use both internally within an organization and externally to the community. Now with 911+, Punch Alert enables the next generation of connectivity to almost 99 percent of the 911 call centers in the county with the simple tap of a button on your smartphone.  


For more information visit www.punchalert.com, or follow Punch on Twitter @PunchTech.