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Thursday, 27 June 2013 15:39

Quadric Software Offering XenServer Customers a Backup and DR Upgrade Path to Complement Citrix XenServer 6.2

BURLINGTON, VT Quadric Software, the first deduplicating backup solution to be designated as Citrix Ready, today announced an initiative to provide the specialized backup and disaster recovery capabilities companies need to maximize the value of Citrix XenServer v6.2.

With XenServer 6.2, Citrix has announced that its virtual machine backup feature set, VMPR (Virtual Machine Protection and Recovery) is being retired.

“As the most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution for the XenServer platform, the Alike™ product from Quadric Software, is the ideal third-party solution to meet the current and future data protection needs of the XenServer community,” said Phil Baskette, co-founder and CEO of Quadric Software, Inc.

“We have partnered with Citrix to provide a smooth, cost-effective transition for existing VMPR customers to ensure they have access to the best possible DR protection.”

As part of this partnership with Citrix, Quadric Software is offering a special promotional discount to existing customers of Citrix XenServer.

The Alike solution features several backup and DR capabilities unique for the Citrix XenServer community. Leading capabilities include:

  •     Protection for both XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V environments from a single installation of Alike
  •     The ability to restore virtual machines directly to the running state they were in at the time of the backup
  •     Best deduplication and compression capabilities of any Citrix XenServer backup and disaster recovery.

About Quadric Software (formerly Quorumsoft)

Quadric Software, Inc., formerly Quorum Software, Inc. was founded in 2008 to offer organizations of all sizes the high-performance and cost-effective solutions they need to meet their backup and business continuity requirements.

More information:

You can get more information on Alike v3.0 at: http://quadricsoftware.com/alike-v3.0

You can get general information about Quadric Software at: http://quadricsoftware.com/index.php

Follow Quadric Software on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Quadricsoftware