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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:34

Rimhub Launches Sales-as-a-Service Offering for Wholesale Carriers

WASHINGTON, D.C. --– Rimhub, Inc.
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5dugv-7wrsc-jnemwa8&_v=2>, a leading
provider of Outsourced Managed Services for telecoms, announces today
the launch of its newest managed service offering, Sales-as-a-Service
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5dugv-7wrsd-jnemwa9&_v=2>, for
wholesale carriers.   The 100% performance-based service engagement is
designed for wholesale carriers to generate incremental revenues and
profits without incurring upfront costs in sales and marketing. The
opportunities available include unaddressed customer segments, uncovered
territories, additional higher-margin services, and adding interconnects
between new buyers and suppliers.

The compensation for Rimhub is 100% performance-based, meaning that
wholesale carrier clients do not incur any costs until incremental
profit is realized. Rimhub has hired highly experienced sales and
marketing personnel with a proven track record of sales performance in
the global wholesale voice and data business.

“We are excited to debut our newest offering of managed services for
wholesale carriers looking to expand beyond their current business
reach, especially to currently unaddressed customers, suppliers, and
geographical segments,” states Srinath Narayan
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5dugv-7wrse-jnemwa0&_v=2>, CEO of
Rimhub. “Common challenges facing these carriers today include not
having the funds to staff account managers or buyers, or feeling the
need to enhance profit margins by wholesaling other non-voice services,
among others. Rimhub’s new Sales-as-a-Service offering leverages a
proprietary sales and marketing process designed to meet these
challenges and allows wholesale carriers the opportunity to organically
grow their revenues and profit margins.”

To learn more about Rimhub’s Sales-as-a-Service offering for carriers,
visit http://www.rimhub.com/carrier