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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 14:56

TechAssure Association, Inc. Announces New Enhanced Website

AUSTIN, Texas -- TechAssure Association,
Inc. announces the release of their enhanced website:

TechAssure members provide specialized insurance and risk management
solutions for the technology industry.

These industries indicate that industry knowledge and access to
specialty tools and products are key drivers of their satisfaction in
insurance brokerage expertise.

"TechAssure differs from the competition, in that it is a one-of-a-kind
association that leverages cross-collaborations to sharpen coverage
offerings, innovate new products and services, combine talents and
advance social causes important to technology firms and their board
members," says Julie Davis, executive director of TechAssure. "Bringing
together groups, with varying perspectives and skill sets can ignite a
group of professionals that can infuse the insurance industry with fresh
ideas and help technology firms manage risk more effectively."

"TechAssure puts years of knowledge and experience to work helping
technology companies address their most critical risk management
issues," says Spence Hoole, chairman, TechAssure.

Through TechAssure's enhanced website, clients have easy access to the
association members and a range of products and services vital to
comprehensive risk management.

Features include:

  * Convenient online applications for a full range of tailored
    insurance products including: Directors' & Officers' Liability,
    Employment Practices Liability, Technology Errors & Omissions,
    Cyberliability, Commercial, Package, Commercial Automobile and
    Workers' Compensation.
  * Simple navigation to access risk management checklists and information
  * View expert film interviews and watch quick film clips on industry
    challenges and opportunities

*_About TechAssure Association, Inc._*

Founded in 2001, TechAssure has 22 worldwide insurance broker members in
seven countries, serving over 4,000 industry clients with annual
industry insurance premiums of $1 billion.

The members of TechAssure help a wide range of technology clients
develop effective risk management and workforce productivity solutions,
so they feel more confident about managing their future. TechAssure
members are affiliated with 48 technology associations throughout the world.

TechAssure Association leads TechAssure University, TechAssure
Innovation Labs and is managing partner for VentureInsure.

*_TechAssure University_*

Through TechAssure University, the association also provides technical
and industry training that allows members the opportunity to elevate
their leadership and insurance brokerage skills, service, innovation and
technical capabilities. The University program offers brokers
certifications, for their members, in three distinct areas.

*_TechAssure Innovation Labs_*

TechAssure Innovation Labs has a mission of leading the innovation of
new insurance and risk management solutions for the technology industry.
Innovation Lab sessions are conducted throughout the year for members of
the TechAssure Association and their strategic partners.


TechAssure Association is the managing partner of the VentureInsure program.

*_TechAssure members include: _*

The Addis Group, AH&T Insurance, AHM Financial Group, Audit & Risk
Solutions, Avatar, Bolton & Co, Costello & Sons, Diversified Insurance
Group, Giles Insurance Brokers LTD, Globalex, GPL Assurance, Gregory &
Appel, IMA Corporation, JJ Wade & Associates, Keaney Insurance Brokers,
Mason & Mason Insurance, Plexus Groupe, Prudent Brokers, RJ Ahmann & Co,
Roach Howard Smith & Barton, Rollins Agency, Sanderson Risk Advisors. In
addition, TechAssure has worldwide innovation partnerships with legal,
venture capital and key players in the insurance industry.