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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 14:35

Teneo Partners with Riverbed to Deliver Managed Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) Offering That Transforms Application, Network & End User Performance Insight

New service to give CIOs next-stage performance and diagnostic insights for critical applications

THEALE, England & SAN FRANCISCO – Teneo, the specialist integrator of next-generation technology, is partnering with Riverbed to launch a Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) capability that sets new levels in application, network and end user performance insights and problem-solving. Utilizing key components of the Riverbed® SteelCentral™ portfolio, the new offering complements Teneo’s existing global networking services that include a unique application-defined SD-WAN capability, supported by Riverbed SteelConnect™, that is redefining cloud-based networking.

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Teneo’s new VaaS helps global IT leaders to gain continuous visibility across their global application and network infrastructure, while providing actionable data to improve performance and ensure service levels are met. This new 24/7 service is available as a worldwide offering, delivering a single view of business-critical application health. It speeds up regional or local troubleshooting needs, and overcomes ‘siloed’ or supplier performance reporting limitations, to any organization’s individual requirements.

The new service is a direct response to enterprise CIOs’ increasing focus on the customer experience – whether the customer is the end consumer, strategic partner, third party collaborator or a locally-based employee in a global workforce – accessing key applications or network assets.

CIOs are driving the need for senior IT executives to provide a whole new level of digital experience and application performance visibility and accelerated troubleshooting, without the overwhelming data from network traffic. This is because global organizations are more widely adopting different cloud and hybrid environments, digitizing corporate processes, mobilizing workforces and enacting Big Data and Internet of Things strategies – while expecting greater network resilience, better connectivity and cost reductions as they modernize their IT.

Teneo VaaS lifts the growing ‘monitoring burden’ from budget and resource-constrained IT teams. Instead of CIOs being forced to buy more monitoring tools from CAPEX or devote greater team resources to running monitoring tools as time goes on, using VaaS, enterprise IT teams get a single view of relevant performance factors while paying only for Teneo engineers’ time and infrastructure used.

Teneo’s VaaS capability is delivered flexibly at four different service levels, to match global enterprises’ IT skill sets and personnel resources, comprising:

  • Level 1 – a technology readiness-focused option, where Teneo will manage the upkeep of the customer’s array of monitoring tools and the customer will generally ‘self-serve’ for their own monitoring purposes.
  • Level 2 – a network performance-focused option, enabling deeper application usage and bandwidth consumption insights. This level delivers advanced behavioral analytics / trending / alert capabilities.
  • Level 3 – an application performance monitoring, root cause analysis and troubleshooting offering, run in conjunction with in-house IT teams, drawing on rich forensic data. This service level enables IT teams to see emerging application performance trends and issues.
  • Level 4 – a real-time, end user experience monitoring and rapid troubleshooting capability for web, cloud and hybrid environments. This bespoke service ensures faster ‘drill down’ responses and active improvements as well as deeper and very flexible collaborations with internal / third party IT teams to resolve issues and drive system enhancements.

Marc Sollars, CTO at Teneo, explains: “As they digitize operations or adopt wider cloud models, CIOs often struggle to maintain visibility of key application performance and enhance their customers’ experience. Senior IT executives are making vital networking decisions based on sprawling data, or cobbled-together performance dashboards, knowing they either lack the in-house skills or the team resources to get the best out of today’s cutting-edge monitoring tools. Our new Visibility-as-a-Service changes the game for IT executives, giving them a ‘right-sizing’ approach to getting full end-to-end performance visibility. With our bespoke service, CIOs can drive up their performance insight levels or speed up troubleshooting without committing to extra capital outlay or having to redeploy their already hard-pressed IT teams.”

“In order to achieve a new level of customer intimacy and employee productivity, enterprises are aggressively investing in the digital transformation of their business models. But the stakes have gone up, and it’s absolutely critical for them to deliver a flawless digital experience. Unfortunately, with the adoption of cloud and hybrid architectures, they are finding that their traditional tools are riddled with blind spots, and they can’t comprehensively manage the user’s end-to-end digital experience,” said Mike Sargent, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SteelCentral at Riverbed. “Riverbed and Teneo have partnered to ensure that our customers have the most complete, Visibility-as-a-Service solution in the market, which will help enterprises deliver a reliable and consistently high-quality end user experience. Our ability to provide end-to-end insight, down to the individual transaction level, is unparalleled in the marketplace, and uniquely well suited to delivering the kind of end user experience they need to achieve their strategic goals.”

Contact Teneo area teams for further details: https://www.teneo.net/contact/

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