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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 15:12

US Signal Rolls Out Additional Data Protection Services with New Snapshot Backup

Offering Alternative Way To Protect Data With Cost-effective, Easy-to-use, Image-based Backup

Today end-to-end IT solutions provider, US Signal announced the addition of a new backup technology to its portfolio of data protection service. To ensure customers can backup and quickly restore mission critical workloads in the event of an outage, the new offering gives customers the flexibility to easily add backup protection with zero performance impact to business applications.

The new snapshot offering is part of US Signal’s Enterprise Backup-as-a- Service (EBaaS) portfolio of cost-effective solutions designed for diverse backup requirements. Complementing the existing agent-based backup solution focused on application-specific protection, the new hypervisor-based backup option provides image-level protection without impacting workload performance. Backups are taken within the US Signal cloud infrastructure, removing the processing and data traffic strain from individual customer workloads, resulting in a crash-consistent image poised for quick recovery.

The product also enables organizations to diversify the target backup location with data centers in multiple markets to ensure data is always protected from physical disasters and other security threats. 

“Providing all-encompassing data protection services for IT resiliency is crucial to assuring our customers that their critical data is safe and available when they need it,” said Matt VanderZwaag, director of product development at US Signal. “With snapshot technology in our existing EBaaS offering, we can deliver on our promise to help businesses lower costs, improve performance and focus internal resources on demonstrating their industry expertise.”

US Signal utilizes over 225 data centers and points of presence worldwide to ensure the availability and security of mission-critical data and applications. The company maintains an ongoing commitment to deliver an “exceed-your-expectations” customer experience, backed by high-touch, hands-on support and deep-rooted expertise.

To find out more visit www.ussignal.com